The 5 most popular CMS content management systems

The 5 most popular CMS content management systems

The popularity of content management systems is not decreasing. Thanks to them, it is possible to organize, publish and modify websites without the need for specialist technical knowledge. In recent years, CMS systems have revolutionized the field related to web design. Currently, there are hundreds of such solutions on the market. Their popularity varies when we consider global rankings. Today, however, we will look at the local list and check what are the 5 most popular CMS systems in Poland.


WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the open source category, i.e. free platforms. It is the most frequently used solution not only in Poland, but also around the world. As statistics show, over 24% of global websites are built on WordPress. It is an extremely simple and functional solution, both in terms of hosting and management. Pages based on this solution are compliant with W3C standards and additionally optimized for search engines. Thanks to the wide range of plugins and themes, you can really create any website. In Poland, WordPress accounts for as much as 70% of all CMS systems available on the market.


This is another free CMS that takes second place in the ranking. It is very popular, especially in the case of small and large companies. Its biggest advantage is flexibility and ease of use when it comes to administrative control. Joomla has as many as 64 language versions, including the Polish version. Like WordPress, it is optimized for search engines, which is an added bonus.



< p> Drupal is also a free CMS, built with PHP. This type of solution is most often used by popular science websites. This system has almost endless extensions and plugins. Drupal is definitely a great solution for complicated and complex web content.



Over 100,000 websites already run on this CMS, and the popularity of this solution is growing day by day. The greatest advantage of this system is its usability and ease of use. It is a perfect solution for people who are just starting their adventure with creating their own website. This CMS is also optimized for search engines so there is no need to install any additional plugins.

Expression Engine

On the fifth and well-deserved place was the Expression Engine, based on PHP. In terms of creating a website, it offers both free and paid options. Unfortunately, this type of system does not provide full freedom in designing websites, but it should be especially emphasized that it is as friendly to search engines as possible and guarantees assistance after purchasing a license.

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