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How to behave on the first date?

The first date is usually a lot of fun, but it’s also associated with some stress. The fear of a dream meeting more often concerns women than men. Rather, it is women who spend hours preparing for the first date and fear that they may put a man off each other. What are some ways not to spoil your first date and encourage your boyfriend to keep dating? How to pick up a girl? How to make a good impression? What to wear on a date?

Showing joy – All girls who are excited about a date should be moderate in their joy. You can’t be too happy and too sad on your first date, as that can discourage you. You have to be friendly, warm and smile. When you notice your voice trembling, take a few deep breaths and try to calm down.

Choosing a meeting place – it is the man who should decide where to meet. A woman can guide him in the right way by saying, for example, that she likes Italian cuisine or wants to get to know a new place in the city. The first meeting should take place in a place where you can easily talk and get to know each other.

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Choosing an outfit – of course, it should depend on the meeting place. A woman needs to know that an outfit is meant to be a garment, not a disguise. It’s not worth putting too much effort into styling for a first date. Strong makeup and a bold outfit may scare rather than encourage. It’s worth dressing up in such a way that you feel at ease.

Spontaneity – women have a tendency to plan their first dates, put together ready-made scenarios in their heads, and try to implement them at the meeting. This method can only end in disappointment. A woman at the first meeting should not say that she is looking for a partner for life or ask how many children a man would like to have. Ladies should exude confidence and complacency.

Body language speech is a good way to communicate. You have to realize that we like people who behave in a way similar to us. We think that since we are similar to them, we will definitely understand each other very well. This principle can be used to imitate certain gestures and movements of a man, e.g. if he rests his cheek on his hand, you can do the same. Be careful and do not play with the mirror – it will not help, it will only make you laugh.

Farewell – you can thank for the nice time by holding the man’s hand or a kiss on the cheek. Such signs will confirm that the woman is interested in continuing the acquaintance. You can also show it by proving that you listened carefully to what the man said. The woman herself can propose the next meeting, inviting for coffee in return.