How does alcohol affect the brain?



Everyone knows that alcohol has a negative impact on health. However, not everyone is aware that even moderate drinking can cause irreversible changes in the nervous system, and thus significantly impair intellectual abilities. The research of scientists from Rutgers University leaves no illusions. It turns out that alcohol kills up to 40 percent. new nerve cells. And this is just the tip of a bottle top …


It is better to prevent than to cure, which is why prevention is extremely important in the case of any addiction, especially alcohol. On our blog you will find many interesting entries, so we encourage you to keep reading. In the meantime, we explain to you how alcohol works on the brain and can drinking small amounts be harmful? To work!


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What changes occur in the brain when drinking alcohol regularly?


Scientists point out that alcohol acts directly on the central nervous system. While drinking, there are disturbances in criticism, manifested by repeated words, mood swings, movement disorders and disturbances in the perception of the surrounding reality. There are also problems with consciousness and breathing.


Changes in the brain are mainly due to the neurotoxic effects of alcohol and affect changes in personality, mood and behavior. In addition to direct changes, addicts also have symptoms called primary alcohol dementia – these are abstract thinking disorders, working memory disorders and disorientation in time and space.


In addition, the brain has an increase in the width of the interhemispheric gap and the brain simply shrinks. Dendrides (short connections between neurons) are eliminated:


In some neurons, dendrites are covered with thin formations called dendritic spines at the top of which synapses with other neurons. Nerve cells with spikes are called spike neurons and those without them are called spikeless neurons. Dendritic branches may grow or shrink. Alcohol adversely affects the growth of dendrites; in old age, the number of these branches is shortened and reduced


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Is it harmful to drink alcohol, even in small amounts?

Recent years have brought many new research results that shed a completely new light on the problem of drinking alcohol. The observations of the American Academy of Pediatrics seem very interesting, as well as that of Magister Megan Anderson, working under the direction of Tracey J. Shors from the Department of Psychology at Rutgers Univrsity.


It is worth noting that the data of the American Academy of Pediatrics show that as much as 41 percent. 12-year-old drinkers become alcoholics, while among those who started drinking after the age of 18, the figure is only 11%.


Megan Anderson, a graduate student, believes that drinking may not cause immediate symptoms of deteriorating intellectual ability. However, in the long run, it is to have a significant impact on the ability to learn and remember. Research that she conducted proves that alcohol kills up to 40 percent. new nerve cells … In other words, drinking even small amounts of it every day can be more damaging to the brain than what has been shown so far.


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