Business B2B databases. Is it profitable?

Business B2B databases. Is it profitable?

P acquiring clients in the B2B sector is a difficult task. Getting a large number of effective leads using traditional methods, i.e. by participating in industry events, but also by modern marketing tools such as SEO, presence in social media or organizing webinars is possible, but very time-consuming and expensive. That is why more and more companies are investing in professional business databases.

Acquiring valuable business contacts

Activities in the B2B sector necessitate the need to adapt communication methods to the needs of exceptionally demanding customers. Purchasing for a company is usually associated with significant expenses, so the very process of making purchasing decisions is much more complicated than in the case of individual customers. Cooperation with a business client gives you the opportunity to achieve greater profits, but it also requires more funds for promotion and building relationships. From the marketer’s point of view, therefore, it is important to select potential customers in terms of the possibility of achieving the intended results . In this context, it is a much more profitable solution than acquiring contacts in other ways.

Why is it worth having a B2B database?

The great advantage of having a business database is access to a rich and structured set of contact information for enterprises meeting specific criteria . By using such a database, we can reach a precisely profiled group of recipients, i.e. entrepreneurs operating in a specific industry. The type of data in the database is also important. For example, the offer of B2B databases includes not only contact information for companies with various business profiles, but also data on the size of employment, number and type of fixed assets used by them (cars, computers), and even data on annual turnover and acceptable forms of payment. Such a classification of potential customers makes it easier to quickly reach a significant group of recipients with high purchasing potential .

The profitability of purchasing a B2B database depends on its quality. In addition to the number and content of records, it is influenced by regular data updates, which include supplementing the database with new contacts and cleaning out broken records, i.e. liquidated or inactive companies. We are talking about the hygiene of the database, which affects its credibility, and thus its usability. Another important issue is legality. Both the creation of databases and the subsequent use of the information contained therein are subject to the restrictive provisions of the GDPR. Therefore, when deciding to invest in information, it is worth checking who is selling the database to us and whether the rules for obtaining it were followed during its creation.

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