Antivirus for Android – redundant application or necessity in our times?

Antivirus for Android – redundant application or necessity in our times?

Everyone has a smartphone, so do I! Such a sentence certainly captures the spirit of our time. These devices are an important part of our everyday life and we more and more often have important information on them, often related to our privacy or finances. Common sense dictates that it should be secured somehow.

Smartphones have already entered almost all areas of our lives. We use them on the way to work, listening to music, writing with friends and sharing our photos, which we can do with better and better cameras in our phones. We conduct video calls with the family, we watch movies and play games, we pay for shopping … You can exchange it like that forever. And since we use smartphones for everything, it means that we must also take care of their safety. Whether we have an Android or an iOS device, they store things that are a tasty morsel for many.

For example, our private photos, if they fall into the wrong hands, can become a tool of blackmail – quite a lot of people take photos of themselves „with little clothes” and hardly anyone would like such photos to go to the Internet or even directly to our friends . The same is true of messages we send to other people – these are private matters and nobody wants anyone to read what (or who) we write about.

Of course, the above situations can be prevented by setting a screen lock (with a PIN code, password or fingerprint). But it will only prevent situations when someone physically gains access to our device. Contrary to appearances, this situation is not the worst – modern smartphones can be easily tracked (and even remotely turned off), especially if you have a Google account. In the worst case scenario, we will lose the device, but not our data – and these are the ones that have the greatest value.
But theft or loss of a phone is not the greatest threat. They are viruses. They can get on the phone through infected websites, phone applications or even SMS – there are more and more ways to take control of our smartphones. A few years ago, the threats were smaller, but not because there were fewer of them – just few people used banking applications, on-line payments (with more and more frequent automatic authorization) or other such facilities.

Fortunately, Android antiviruses can deal with such threats very effectively – but the first thing we need to do is install them. There are many Android antiviruses and they can be very different. Therefore, it is good to compare them. It might be a good idea to rank Android antivirus from the portal. We have the top 10 antivirus programs there, along with detailed descriptions of the ability to download them immediately from Google Play. One of the big advantages of this list is that most of the antivirus programs listed there are free and easy to configure.

Another way to protect your phone, apart from antivirus, are the so-called VPNs that will mask our IP (i.e. our virtual address). AdBlockers are also a good solution – they can often block ads pointing to sites with viruses. Of course, the most important thing is prevention and responsibility – we should not install applications from outside the Google Play Store and not visit suspicious or unverified websites.

If you want to know more about the security of mobile devices and similar technologies, the Mobile Ranking portal is the right place for that.

Antivirus for the phone is at least a reasonable solution; smartphones are as vulnerable to viruses as ordinary computers – and yet antivirus on a computer is the first thing that each of us installs on it (right after the browser replacing Internet Explorer). The same approach should be followed for Android antiviruses.

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