4 interesting applications for kids

4 interesting applications for kids

Flight by plane, driving a car to kindergarten or school, visiting friends. All these situations and many others require parents to be involved and come up with creative games to prevent children’s boredom. The youngest love games and fun, also on the phone or tablet. Which of them are worth proposing to children?


Taking care of your pet is fun. The application has an eye-catching and clear graphic design, designed especially for children. We can compare it to Tamagotchi, where the task of the youngest is to take care of an animal or their favorite cartoon character. Pou is an adorable creature that can be fed, washed and played with by selecting the various options available in the app. Children eagerly observe the development of their virtual mascot and take care of its good mood. The application is popular and loved by the youngest all over the world.

Play water 3

The game is characterized by great creativity, thanks to which it easily meets the tastes of curious children . The application consists in creating water droplets by touching them. After turning the tablet, the child can move the water in either direction. Drawing obstacles, mixing water of different colors and checking what they create – these are the most important features of the Play water 3 application.

LEGO Juniors Quest

Hard find a child who doesn’t like LEGO bricks. Taking bricks with you when visiting your family or on a vacation trip can be problematic, which is why the application is an alternative for the youngest who love to play in the company of LEGO bricks. The LEGO System series of games offers fun, incl. with a circus or a train. Thanks to this, the child can feel like a vehicle builder and move to the land of his imagination.

Animal Memory application

A proposal for an application that, in addition to having fun, will help to develop memory in a child. During the game, the youngest focus on individual elements, have the opportunity to demonstrate and work on their eye-hand coordination. The game is about revealing the cards with the image of animals. The child pairs the cards and listens to the sounds of the animals shown on the selected cards. An additional advantage of the application is that the teachers pronounce the names of animals in different languages, thanks to which the children can learn a foreign language at the same time. It is possible to adjust the level of difficulty of the game to the age of the child.

The applications for children have been created taking into account their developmental needs and safety. Nevertheless, parents should pay attention to their children’s use not only of the application, but of the Internet in general. It is necessary to check how children use the phone and tablet and make sure that they do not come across the dangers lurking in the network.

Of all this, only POU is suitable. My pests have been playing toto for almost a year. Others? Memory – please … Lego won’t go on the tablet I gave the kids, and they quickly got bored with the water.

It all depends on the kid! My one loves water!


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