4 Android applications worth your attention

4 Android applications worth your attention

In the era of rapid technology development, it is difficult to find a smartphone owner who does not use mobile applications. In Poland, Android is used by several million people. What applications can users of this system reach?

Planner 5D – Interior Design

The application was designed both for people who plan and design interiors professionally, as well as laymen who want to decorate their apartment. With its help, we will analyze what our room will look like in various finishing options. Thanks to it, we will also check which furniture will best suit the arranged room. The application allows you to draw on ready-made projects and create your own based on the elements proposed in the catalog. Using the application does not require complicated skills – its use is intuitive. With the help of the application, we will move selected decorative elements and furniture, give them a color and change their shape, thanks to which we will check whether the planning solution will work for our home. The setting can be seen in the spatial view.

Cosmetic Scan

It will be especially appreciated by conscious consumers who closely follow the composition of the products they buy as well as people allergic to individual ingredients. The application was created to support the selection of good quality cosmetic products. The service allows you to scan the product to find out which active substances are included in a given cosmetic. The ingredients added to the product are divided into a set of categories. In order to use the application, you will need to create an account in the service. When logging in using a Google account or Facebook account, it is possible to indicate components that are of particular interest to users. If the product you are planning to buy has the previously selected ingredient in its composition, we will be informed immediately.


Helper during the trip, thanks which we will avoid the biggest traffic jams and quickly reach our destination. The application allows us to plan multi-point routes, which means that we can mark the places we want to visit along the way. The service provides over 400,000 points of interest in more than 30 European countries. When it is necessary to use the paid parking zone, you will be able to pay for parking using the application. In Poland, you can enjoy the free service for a week. After this time, it will be necessary to purchase a subscription – weekly, monthly or yearly. Can I use the application completely free of charge, regardless of the period of use? Yes, but this version is then devoid of navigation services.


An application for people who need peace and relaxation after a hard day . It includes a number of breathing exercises, as well as melodies aimed at relaxing and calming down in stressful situations. Using the tabs, we will set goals and activities that we want to undertake in the near future. These can be relaxing activities at the gym or talking to a stranger. The application can be used as a guide to the acquisition of positive thinking skills.

You would describe something more precisely – focusing on one application and not a blend of quite different topics.

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